2-Year-Old Girl Gains The Power Of Speech After Nearly Drowning!

When Natalie Holiday entered into her new house for the first time, she didn’t know where the terrible feeling she had was coming from.

Natalie and her spouse, 12 year old son and 2 year old girl were moving down the square. When she went up the stairs in her new house, she had no clue that her little girl, Catalina, had discreetly sneaked out and walked directly into the neighborhood’s pond.

Her daughter Catalina is developmentally delayed, and she can only communicate with hand gestures. She has never talked, and her motor abilities are challenged.

Her son, Ethan, saw his sister’s face down in the pool, and bravely run into the water to save her. He took her from the pond, and a neighbor who heard the crying ran out to meet them and began to do CPR.

Her family thought it was too late because she was limp and cool, and just had a weak heartbeat. Luckily, authorities who arrived on the scene were able to reanimate her. Catalina coughed up water and began crying.

They took her to the hospital, where she was sedated. Her stressed mother never left her side. But just as her little girl woke up, this grateful mother saw a wonder. Now Natalie says that her girl appears to be identical as before the accident, but that she’s now a different kid.

Watch this video to see how this little girl was totally changed after facing with death!

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