20 Shocking Scandals of Washington Politicians

Politicians pass judgement, they pass laws and often are the first to bash and destroy political adversaries. But who are they and how are they so much better than the rest of us? Unfortunately, they are often some of the worst people in our communities. They operate above the law and make backroom deals that hurt people but gain them fortunes along their path in politics. Here are 23 of the worst offenders. Just look through these galleries and realize that these are the people that are supposed to represent your best interests. They pass laws that discriminate yet they are involved in devilish scandal.

The Foley Scandal


The Mark Foley scandal, which broke in late September 2006, centers on soliciting e-mails and sexually suggestive instant messages sent by Mark Foley, a Republican Congressman from Florida, to teenaged boys who had formerly served as congressional pages. The scandal led to Foley’s resignation from Congress on September 29, 2006. In some quarters, the scandal is believed to have contributed to the Republican Party’s loss of control over Congress. The BACK STORY listed Foley, among others, as prominent conservative politician who had a record of anti-gay legislation and was later caught in a gay sex scandal.

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