Abused And Crying Dog Finally Gets The Love She Deserves!

Sarah is a dog which has been neglected and kept isolated for a very long time. Her owner decided to not give her any attention and care because they were too grossed out from the condition Sarah was in. Because of neglect, this dog was covered in fleas and had a severe infection in her left eye. Constant neglect and the result of being chained in solitary confinement has left this dog extremely sad and vulnerable.

Thankfully, rescue workers have found her just in time and have taken her away from her abusive owners who neglected to provide Sarah with a safe home and normal living conditions.
After weeks of care, Sarah has managed to recover and has been completely surrounded by positive people who took care of her and made sure she never has to live in negative conditions. She is very happy and playful, loves interacting with people and has managed to adjust to her new conditions.

Luckily, a new family has adopted Sarah on their farm, where they already have one dog. They hope that Sarah will find it nice to live on the farm and will enjoy being surrounded with them. She is living a new life, one full of care and love. This is how all animals deserve to be treated.

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