Cute Orphaned Kitten Will Not Leave Her New Surrogate Mother’s Side!

Seeing a baby who lost their mother will break your heart into little pieces.

Fortunately, not every baby who loses their mom is left alone. When other animals and humans see a lonely baby, they step in like this rescue dog who adopted four babies and their mother cat.

This little tabby kitten was found all by herself on Crenshaw Blvd. She was meowing and looking for his mom, but there weren’t cats in the area. That street is a very busy road, so Crenshaw is so lucky she was found before something terrible happened to her.

Crenshaw was found on the side of the road when she was only 5 weeks old, without siblings or mother.

Sharra Platt, Crenshaw’s new owner, saw some people looking at a kitten on the street and pulled over immediately to help.

Right away she knew that she’d have to take the kitten until she found a shelter or foster that would take her.

A thing changed quickly once Crenshaw met Platt’s other furry babies.

It was all over when 5-year-old Roxy met Crenshaw. Roxy immediately accepted Crenshaw as her own baby and since then, Crenshaw has been Roxy’s shadow.

“Roxy has totally taken on her role and does everything she would do with her puppies – clean them up, check on them, give them lots of kisses and snuggle with them,” said Platt.

Except Roxy, Crenshaw also loves Platt’s other furry kids.

She is a real buddy with 11 – year – old Kasey.

Crenshaw is finally having a loving home and family. She was the 6th animal rescued from that street.

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