After 5 Years, Missing Dog Miraculously Returned To Tearful Soldier!

Five years ago, when Jessica Gutierrez went to a military service in Afghanistan, she left her small poodle to her sister in New Mexico. Sadly, Cookie disappeared, and despite the search, her family couldn’t find her pet.

Unbelievably, the poodle was found in San Diego, about 1,000 miles far from her home. While nobody can be sure how the puppy got it there, the animal control officer who found the missing dog, did a microchip check and recognized Cookie. The officer called Gutierrez to say Cookie was on safe, and that she would be returned home.

Cookie’s flight touched base in Kansas City, Missouri on Wednesday, where she was returned to her tearful mother. The sad moment was caught on camera.

The 7 year old poodle didn’t forget her mom.

“I really didn’t expect her to remember me, but she did.”

“I cannot describe how happy I am,” said Gutierrez.

Seven years ago after she adopted Cookie, she had micro chipped him immediately, and advises other pet owner to do the same thing.

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