Airman Surprises His Family At Their Favorite Sporting Event!

The best part of going to see a live sporting match is for the fun halftime activities. No matter you’re at a football match and the marching band turns out for some epic choreography, or you’re at a basketball game and they’re shooting balls out into the visitors… it’s always a very time.

Also, a fun activity is going to see your most loved teams play. You get the chance to cheer together, snack on expensive hot dogs, and taste on expensive soda or beer, and you get the opportunity to make memories to endure forever.

In any case, when this family went to see their most loved team, the San Jose Sharks, play, there was a vital missing piece.

Father was away as a pilot in the U.S. military. With a high school girl and a baby boy at home, it’s anything but difficult to perceive how much his family missed him.

When this family was chosen for one of those fun half-time trivia games, they had no clue what was truly coming. They thought they’d win some tickets or T-shirts to the following game, perhaps, yet when Mom gets the response to this question right?

This is too much better than two or three T-shirts. It’s certainly a memory that will endure forever, that is without a doubt.

Memories like this make you so thankful for the good things.

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