Arctic Awareness: A Moving Performance Amidst Melting Ice

Greenpeace teamed up with acclaimed Italian composer and pianist, Ludovico Einaudi to create a unique and moving performance.

Amidst a time of political unrest over the state of our Earth, there are many pushing for more attention to be drawn to the pressing issues of environmental protection. Congruent with times of the past, Greenpeace is heading up the fight for the side of the Earth. The specific cause in this case is the protection of the arctic ocean and the preservation of arctic ice. There are those that  believe there is an issue with global warming and those that believe otherwise. The performance created by Greenpeace and Einaudi is moving no matter what you believe or where you stand on specific issues.

The scene is set in the arctic ocean. In a sea of floating ice with a large glacier in the background, Einaudi is positioned on stage that appears to be just another chunk of ice. It’s a striking image, as he’s positioned sitting at a grand piano. There are arial cameras and a breathtaking panoramic view. As Einaudi performs an original composition, the glacier behind him is undeniable breaking way into the ocean. Once massive chunk of ice after another, the ocean chips away at the glacier as he performs a unique, classical style composition on the piano. It’s just over three minutes long and is a dramatic and mesmerizing scene. The video concludes with a call to action to stand up for the fate of the arctic ocean. It calls for individuals to consider the melting ice as a factor in upcoming world decisions that will effect the future of the arctic.

You may remember in 2011 when a grand piano was spotted on a sandbar in the ocean off the coast of Miami. It attracted a lot of media attention and the images of the piano were quite beautiful. The piano had been placed there by a teenager and his father in an attempt to create an active display of art. Art for arts sake, as they say. The simple piano drew the attention of the world. The recent efforts by Greenpeace will not be in vein. Their piano is an even more striking place, with a stronger message and complete with a talented musician. They’ve drawn the attention of the world and now we wait to see the effect that this recent work of art may have. See the video for yourself:


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