Emotionally Processing the Brangelina Breakup #BrexPitt

The world is ending. Brangelina is no more.

The internet is exploding with the news of Angelina’s recent divorce filing against husband Brad Pitt. It’s like the world as we know it is crumbling. We all can recall the public drama of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith era with the infamous break up of Brad and Jenn Aniston and his quick transition to Angelina. It was Team Jenn vs. Team Angelina and most of the developed world took sides. Jenn became the poster child as the product of a high-profile home wrecking. Angelina fans admired her poise despite all the ridicule. Well, Team Jenn fans will rise again. It’s been made public that Angelina or Angie, as Brad calls her, has taken official steps to put their relationship to an end. With “the health of the family” as reasoning and rumors of Brad’s abuse of alcohol and marijuana, we are left to wonder. The world is reacting swiftly and emotionally to the recent news.

This tweet was posted today.

“This decision was made for the health of the family.She will not be commenting, and asks that the family be given its privacy at this time”

— 5News (@5_News) September 20, 2016

And this is how Twitter responded. Absolute chaos.


As with all things, there are stages in responding with emotionally. From scrutinizing Twitter, we’ve determined the stages of processing the Brangelina situation.


STAGE 1: Utter Disbelief

At first word of the news, its very surprising. Last week I watched a 2014 interview of Brad and Angelina talking about their successful marriage. I could not believe it.


STAGE 2: Needing to read it for yourself

After any good rumor comes fact-checking. We immediately question the source and need to see it with our own eyes. What happened?! Is this real!?

STAGE 3: Asking why?/ Anger

If you weren’t team Angelina, you’d most likely come around to the idea of the Brangelina. Some have supported her from the very beginning.

STAGE 4: Denial

Choosing not to believe something makes it unreal, right!?

STAGE 5: Depression

This is it, there is no turning back. Sometimes you just need to have a good cry. Let it out honey, let it out.



STAGE 6: Wondering how Jenn is

Yeah, we can’t help it. Of course our mind goes to Jenn Aniston. As we’ve watched Brad and Angie do life, we’ve also kept track of Jenn’s roller coaster of relationship experience.



And then there is the rare breed. Those who could not care less. My guess is they’re just so far in the denial phase, they are putting on a good front. Their emotions will get the best of them.

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