Brave Men Rescue Poor Bear With A Bucket Stuck On His Head!

In 2014, a sad picture started circulating through a Pennsylvania town. A black bear was in agony when his whole head got stuck in a container. When Dean and Samantha, realized that the bear had been stuck like this for almost two months, they knew they needed to do something very quickly.

“We chose to attempt to find and help the bear,” said Dean. “The video was recorded during our adventure.” Getting together with a few strangers, Dean and Samantha proceed on a mission to release the bear from his pain. Just watch until you see these amazing people go to in order to help the poor animal. After attempting to pull the container off without any result, the brave gathering needed to resort some serious tools, placing themselves in an extremely unstable situation. I know I wouldn’t have been brave enough to attempt to hold down a bear that felt so frightened and endangered.

After this video turned into a web sensation, Dean and Samantha formed a canine rescue association to keep saving the lives of animals in need. That’s wonderful!

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