Bride And Groom Stage An Epic Battle During Their Wedding Ceremony!

Throughout the years, more individuals have discovered ways to make their weddings as unique as possible. Numerous couples think of entertaining funny dances they perform with their parent in front of their guests, similar to this great mom-son twosome. Other individuals forgot the traditional way and have extremely odd weddings. This couple cherishes Halloween so much that they chose to have the ceremony on the steps of a haunted house!

This couple’s wedding started as an ordinary, traditional wedding until a guest interrupt the ceremony to make a point. The man, in a humorous speech, attempted to charm Katie, the bride, whom he obviously used to date. Also, he even confessed to be a poorer decision for a husband. The bride refuses to leave her groom, Ryan, yet that’s when the guest sends his nephew to battle him for the Katie’s love — with a sword!

The epic fight happens in the middle of the arena, and even moves up the stairs into the passageways. The bride draws her own sword, and throws the guest on the ground.

Watch the video the groom resolves the problem…

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