Bridesmaids And Groomsmen Face Off In This Epic Wedding Reception Dance!

It’s very funny when you start a friendly competition with your new spouse or wife to mark a new beginning! Your life as a single guy or lady is over, and during your wedding you realize you and your companions have one final opportunity to unite together before your new life. What’s more, there’s no preferred approach to do that than with some dance. As an odd to his bachelorhood and his companions, this husband decided to begin his wedding with a dance!

Love birds Brendan and Gianna wanted to celebrate their marriage not only with a wedding ceremony, as well as with an exceptional dance at the reception. The topic was very simple: it would be bridesmaids versus groomsmen in an epic go head to head. Every side would be led by the groom or bride in a dance variety. What’s more, with companions like these, the dance would be very interesting.

The couple began to dance as they typically would. But their first dance was very short: Gianna spread her arms, as if to jump into the arms of her spouse. At that moment, one of the groomsmen barged onto the floor and nearly tackled Brendan! But, nobody disturbs this bride’s dance, so the bridesmaids stepped in to protect Gianna…

Watch the video see the end of this interesting dance!

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