You Know These Celebrities, But Do You Know Their Real Names?

3. Joan Crawford

Real Name: Lucille LeSueur

Joan Crawford came from fairly humble beginnings. Her father was a laundry laborer, and she started her career as a dancer and showgirl. It was her acting studio’s decision to change her name. They thought her last name sounded too much like “sewer”.

4. Audrey Hepburn

Real Name: Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston

What a mouthful! Of course, Audrey’s mother was a Baroness, which explains why her given name was so long. Originally, her name was simply Edda Kathleen Ruston, but after WWII, her father found that some of their family ancestors carried the surname ‘Hepburn’, and added the surname to their family name. Van Heemstra is her mother’s maiden name.

5. Dido

Real Name: Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong

Dido is, perhaps, most famous for her hit song “White Flag”. The English singer and songwriter was born to a French poet and Irish publisher. Dido considers “Dido” to be her real name, and not merely a stage name, but she’s struggled a lot with it over the years.

“To be called one thing and christened another is actually very confusing and annoying. It’s one of the most irritating things that my parents did to me. … Florian is a German man’s name. That’s just mean. To give your child a whole lot of odd names. They were all so embarrassing. … I thought it was cruel to call me Dido and then expect me to just deal with it.”

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