Couple Films Adorable Video Revealing Pregnancy Announcement!

Aimee and Reilly chose to take the traditional baby announcement when they discovered they were pregnant. The excited parents from Sydney, Australia made an epic short film of the big reveal. In a fun and energetic way, we get the opportunity to see the ultrasound with the help of magician mirror that Reilly uses to scan Aimee’s body until he understands there’s an infant inside.

Reilly realizes everything after he discovered the pregnancy. They made an interesting montage demonstrating the nine months of pregnancy leading up to the birth of their little girl, Arlow. The food desires, the morning sickness, the sudden pains and aches, mood changes… That’s why Aimee has been acting very differently!

This video is a very cute, interesting tribute of the pending arrival of infant Arlow (Arlow was born in April 2015).


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