The Cute Chronicles – Pit Bull Appreciation Post

Pit bulls get a bad rap. We thought it would be appropriate for a little pit bull appreciation in The Cute Chronicles, to show just how sweet and cute this misunderstood breed can be. Here are a few facts about the pit bull:

Does this sweet baby pit bull look like a fighter to you?

Pitbull puppy...  Look at all that sweetness radiating :)

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They were originally bred to bait large animals such as bulls and bears. When baiting became illegal, owners started cross breeding their bull baiting dogs with terriers to do something quite heinous — dog fighting. (Source)

Thankfully, dog fighting is now a felony offense all 50 states and is a federal offense. (Source)

Raise these little pitties the right way, and you’ll have one intelligent and sweet pup.

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Many pit bulls have been cross bred with other breeds, and the aggressive traits have been bred out of most pit bulls or pit mixes. (Source)

And good socialization and training (the right way to raise your pittie) is the best way to make sure they have a good disposition. (Source)


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Let your pit bull pup play with other dogs from a young age. Take him to a dog park to help him get properly socialized with other dogs. (Source)

They can become aggressive if not taken care of properly, but that’s true with any breed. Cruel practices such as leaving the dog alone chained outside all its life, hurting it and not feeding him enough can make him mean. Obviously.

These guys are active and love to move! Make sure they get lots of exercise.

They are good with kids, especially if they’re raised together.

Pit Bull Children and Babies: Bath time with his buddy


Your pit bull should be played with non-aggressively, so they won’t get too rough with people or other animals. (Source)

Never hit your dog to reprimand him!

Adorable Pit Bull

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Lastly, you should learn as much as you can about this breed, before even considering getting a pit bull of your own. You should also be 100% committed to taking good care of him, and raising him the right way.

Remember that bad dogs are the result of bad owners.

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