Dad Builds American Ninja Warrior Course for Daughter

I learned about America Ninja Warrior when a good friend off mine qualified for the show. Its an interesting competition and measure of skill, strength and agility. We can all agree the commentating is pretty terrible but hey, it makes for an entertaining television show. ANW, if I may, has become a popular show nation-wide and I can say that I’ve watched a lot of it myself.

Recently a video was posted of a father who had created a Ninja Warrior course for his daughter.  in their back yard. It is awesome! She’s pretty young, I’d guess five years old or so. He creates a challenging (but not too challenging) course that emulates that on the famous show. You can tell he is creative, using pallets, wood planks, ropes and a zip line. The course even takes a route over the tool shed. It was well-thought out. Lining the course on make-shift bleachers are the young girls stuffed animal collection. They are “the audience.”  As the little girl runs the course, her dad commentates on her performance along the way. Just like in the show he narrates the events and is positive and encouraging. At one point, on the rope swings, it looks like she might fall and hurt herself. Although he’s behind the camera, you can tell from the movement he lunges forward in order to catch her. It’s really sweet.

When I saw the video on a Facebook page, I noticed a TON of comments. A ton of comments on a Facebook video usually means there is a big influx of negative feedback and disapproval. People often use the internet and hide behind keyboards as they express mean, blunt disapproval. Well these comments were not that way. There is so much positive feedback and encouragement for the video that it is really heart warming. Most of the comments relate to the fact that the little girl is out side being tough, creative and getting plenty of exercise. People are really speaking out to support what a fun thing this dad did for his daughter. See it for yourself:

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