Disney Comes Through For 32-Year-Old Star Wars Fan Dying Of Cancer


Daniel Fleetwood of Spring, Texas is dying of cancer. In fact he’s in hospice care and the only thing keeping his spirits up is that he wants to watch the new Star Wars movie before he dies. The 32-year-old Star Wars superfan was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called spindle cell sarcoma. Doctors don’t expect him to make it until Christmas so Fleetwood put out a request for help last week on social media asking if there was anyway Disney could make his wish come true.

As unlikely as it seemed, the internet did good on his request. People tweeted and retweeted his request. Even Luke Skywalker hollered at him and Disney asking that somebody help a brother out.

Today he got his wish. Disney studio execs showed up at his home to let him watch an unedited version of the new Star Wars, after he signed a NDA, of course. Daniel’s wife, Ashley, tells us he loved the movie. She says they watched on their own TV, but it was played from Disney’s equipment.

Well done internet! Well done!

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