Don’t EVER Do This While Driving On The Highway…Or You Might End Up Like This Guy!

Tailgating is one of the worst practices on the road that is bound to take you into an accident. A lot of countries have laws against it, and it is one of the leading causes for traffic accidents alongside texting and driving.

This video shows a driver who has decided to teach the person behind them a lesson. While it is a very dangerous thing to do and it could’ve lead to a fatal accident, nobody was harmed. Nonetheless, it is an important lesson to see what could be the effect of this bad practice.

When the driver in front slammed the brakes, the driver who was tailgating started breaking as well and turned to the side to avoid an inevitable collision causing him to spin off to the side of the highway. Again, it is a very lucky circumstance that his vehicle didn’t flip or collide with another.

If this happens to you, simply let whoever is behind you pass, otherwise you and every vehicle around you is at great risk. Share this post to increase awareness about the dangers of tailgating.

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