Every Baby Should Have A Cat Like This By Its Side!

Liel Ainmar Assayag is mother whose adopted cat called Panda was practically inseparable from her. During the late months of her pregnancy, her cat was always next to her eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby Sean to be born.

Since Sean was born, Panda has not left his sight and is always next to him whether he is playing with his toys or sleeping.

Panda hugging Liel’s belly during pregnancy.

Always keeping her company.

The family is happy together.

While Panda cannot go inside Sean’s baby crib, she always sits on the side of his bend and makes sure that everything is okay. This cat has been constant support for Liel during her pregnancy and nothing has changed since Sean’s birth. She is always there to make sure he is safe.

This shows that cats can be great and safe companions around your child despite what others may claim.

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