Everyday This Seal Gets Out Of The Sea, And Flops Across The Street! The Reason Why…Mind-Blowing!

Human interference with animals has mostly gotten negative coverage from the media. However, this is not a story about how landfills are destroying habitats but rather how a single seal has managed to find his favorite seafood restaurant and has become a loyal visitor since.

The place is Wicklow, Ireland, where Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant has made a very unique customer – a seal.

He crosses the street to the restaurant every day in high anticipation for his meal. To get him away from the front of the restaurant, an employee will usually lure him back out to the water by throwing fish for him.

And yet, he still shows up the next day. The dedication is amazing and we must give credit where it’s due for someone who has made the effort to visit the same restaurant this often. What do you think of this seal’s obsession? Tell us in the comments.

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