Fiancé Goes From ”Hairy to Hottie” In This Awesome Man Makeover!

For almost 20 years Robert never had a haircut, much to his girlfriend irritation. He was never without his mark ponytail, bushy beard and thick eyebrows. When Roger’s sweetheart turned into his life partner, he chose to give her the best surprise before wedding. It was time for a makeover, and Rachael Ray jumped at the opportunity to reveal debut new look.

For the first time, Roger cut off his long locks, which fell the way down to his waist. The final result is incredible, and the women in the audience shout when they see exactly how attractive Roger is. Even Rachael is taken back by his makeover, which includes an outfit that is pleasant and versatile, which suits Roger’s style. “You are smoking hot!” she shouts. His upgraded look is versatile and pleasant, however falls in line with a “less is more” approach. From “furry to cutie” is correct!

What makes this genuinely an enthusiastic makeover is the fact this is the first time Roger’s life partner has seen her husband without a beard or long hair in the last 13 years. I think her face says it all… this is one fortunate woman!

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