First Day of Kindergarten Blues: This Mom NAILS IT!

First Day of Kindergarten Blues: This Mom Nails It

“He’s not ready!”

School in the U.S. used to start in September, after the Labor Day holiday. As the years pass by, the school year has slowly crept into the summer months, gradually beginning earlier each year. With each year a new wave of students enters the educational system for the first time. Five-year-olds take their turn navigating the halls of a brick and mortar institution for the first time. It can be a scary, new change for such green little people. However, the situation is even scarier for a different group of people, their moms. Yes, the first day of Kindergarten is a monumental day for many women of young children. Many of them have spent endless hours, feeding, clothing, teaching, entertaining and protecting these young souls they have the privilege to raise. It is tough and exhausting. Many people say being a stay-at-home mom is the most difficult job in the world. Whether or not you agree, there is some truth in that.

So when August rolls around each year, there are a lot of emotions as the start of the school year is impending. In the past, these kids and mom’s were able to maximize time at home before starting a new chapter of life in the fall. Now, they are their summer activities come to an abrupt stop and reality checks in. There is one particular mom out there who has really captured the influx of emotions associated with that first day for her beloved 5 year old.

This lady is hilarious! A lot of mom’s can relate to that overwhelming onset of emotions. Lucky for us, she took the time to reenact and capture on film, her rendition of a mom on the first day of kindergarten. From her clothing choice and hairstyle, to outspoken thought process, she really nails it! She follows her enactment with a depiction of the first day of every other grade. The contrast is HILARIOUS!! Watch as she so perfectly depicts a real-life situation.

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