For Some Hilarious Reason, This Cat Decided To Fight to Keep the Sheets on the Bed!

Cats can be funny, adorable and a great company to be around for most of the day. There are times however, when all of this changes and it all turns backwards. Mizzy, is the type of cat that is usually laid back and not problematic at all, however, when it comes to his favorite place to sleep, he makes no compromises.

Whenever it is time to change the sheets for the bed, Mizzy makes sure his territory is not being taken over. At first he is just sitting on the bed minding his own business however, when the sheets are being dragged he holds on to them and puts up a fight not wanting them to go away. Clueless to the reasoning behind this process, he starts biting and holding down on to the sheets that are being dragged away from him.

Then at the end, he finally accepts the reality and leaves to find another place to claim for his own.

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