Thank-A-Forklift-Operator Day: You Need Them More Than You Know

We are so dependent on forklifts.

Look around you. Look at the stuff around you. Your phone, desk, the pots those plants are in, that candle, the dogs collar… where ever you are, look at the stuff. I can guarantee almost everything your looking at, assuming you’re somewhere with electricity to charge the device you are using to read this, has touched a pallet. A pallet made of wood, post recycled materials, plastic, whatever, those things around you have come in contact with a pallet. As a society we’ve created a demand for products and a generally systemized way to move those products around. Pallets are a universal way to transport, store and distribute products. Recycling pallet wood has become a growing trend. It’s common to see them refurbished as whole units into everything from bed frames to planter boxes. People also tear used pallets apart to use the wood for other projects. With so many of them out there, it makes sense to use and reuse them. So we’ve got this interesting dependency on pallets and their simple function of getting our products from one place to another. The dependency on pallets further creates another type of dependency, on forklifts. Forklifts are vastly underestimated. They are little machines with a lot of power and they are used to move the pallets that literally everything we own touches. When was the last time you thought about how a fork lift related directly to your life? I’d guess it probably wasn’t recently. But you are very dependent on those little things. Maybe it’s time we start an international, Thank-A-Forklift-Operator Day. It only makes sense. They might be the most under appreciated workers of the human race and they’ve got a difficult, important job. We found this gem of a video collaboration showing true on-the-job trials and tribulations of the so under recognized forklift drivers. Enjoy.


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