Gender Reveal Party Ends With An Unexpected Surprise!

At their home in Lake Mary, Florida, pregnant Dinahleigh and her partner Anthony held a gender surprise party in January 2016. This couple gathered up their family members and close companions, and had their bakery prepare a gender uncover cake with the frosting inside colored pink or blue – but the same as their guests, Anthony and Dinahleigh had no idea about their baby’s gender until they cut a slice for themselves.

Anthony was very excited about the next big chapter in his life. He wrote on Instagram: “Everyone who doesn’t know until now, soon I’m going to be a father! I am very nervous/excited about this. But everything happens with a reason and this was the biggest blessing that has come into my life and I couldn’t be much happier to share it with the woman I adore.”

And when Dinahleigh started cutting the cake in front of the party-guests, she was stunned to see no blue or red. But, Anthony reached into the middle of the cake and pulled out a square piece. For what happened next, nothing could prepare her or her visitors for what happened next.

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