Genius Wife Cuts Hole In Lawn Chair For Her Pregnant Belly!

Every single mom will agree that the last week of pregnancy can be very uncomfortable… and feeling a sensation of relief is more than wished.

Which is the reason, only 10 days before Kristen’s expected date; she called her husband Cory to the backyard. “Evidently there’s some kind of development that I have to see,” Cory says, walking with his video recording. When he arrives at the deck, he discovers Kristen sprawled out on a lawn chair, relaxing — and that is because she created a belly-sized hole in the chair, which lets her lay on her stomach with her belly hanging down through the opening. “Great! This should be a thing!” wrote Cory.

Cory can’t resist to laugh at the humorous improvised “pregnancy lawn chair,” but at the same time it’s pretty genius. The hole makes is so Mom can completely relax, and for her infant to feel a relief of weight.

Cory is no odder to viral recordings. Actually, he had one of the early popular recordings in 2007 with “The Mean Kitty Song,” which has collected about 100 million views on YouTube. We hope they will experience similar success with this pregnancy lawn chair.

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