Girl Finds A Sand Dollar That Is Actually Alive… And It’s Kind Of Creepy!

Each day you learn something new.

Sand dollars are astonishing animals that are really alive, regardless the fact they appear as they don’t move or breathe. Now, you’re going to discover that sand dollars are leaving, breathing animals, and also the fascinating difference between a live and a dead sand dollar.

You’re likely used to seeing dead sand dollars, which color is light-white to greenish-yellow. You can unmistakably see the opening and the grooves at the base, which implies the sand dollar is no more alive. But, when she goes back to the live sand dollar, there’s a major distinction. This one is of darkest/purple color, and when she flips it over and zooms in, you can plainly see the dollar’s moving spines. Wow! It’s quite fantastic… yet really unpleasant. I had no clue!

Sand dollars eat microscopic organisms floating in the water, which is the reason why they have these super-fine spines. “They’ll really get this plankton, move it with their spines towards the middle which is the place their mouth is, and then consume it that way.” From now, I will have a much appreciation for the excellent sand dollars found along the beach.

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