He Is Autistic And He Was Told He Was Unemployable…But One Awesome Celebrity Turned His Life Around!

This man has managed to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a barista which he was told cannot be possible due to the fact that he was diagnosed with autism. When he met a kind manager named Chris at a camp for people with autistic disorder, he said that he is going to help him achieve his dream.

Sam, is now working as a barista in Starbucks in Toronto, Canada. His fame has come from a YouTube video where he is dancing behind the bar in order to help himself focus while following the serving routine. This has been a very motivating step for many people suffering from the disorder to see that despite their difficulty, they can achieve their dreams. Since then he has been on Ellen the Generous’ show, who has granted him the ability to see his second lifelong dream come true of going to Japan.

As for Chris, who is a big fan of Toronto Raptors, has been invited to a practice session and a game as well.

It is amazing to see how through friendship Chris and Sam have helped each other overcome life’s difficulties.

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