He Was Just Trying To Make Dinner For His Grandchildren, But He Didn’t Expect To Become Famous A Day Later!

Here’s to Papaw, the internet’s latest chef and grandpa! This photo went viral after it was posted on social media by Kelsey Harmon, who was invited to dinner by her grandfather. He had also invited his five other grandkids, but only she had shown up.

To her disbelief, the photo has gone viral quickly and people from all over the world had shared their support for Papaw. Soon after, the other grandchildren made an effort to make it and shared their visits, like her cousin Brock.

When asked about fame, Kelsey’s grandfather simply said that he is already used to being cool his entire life.

In response to the pictures going viral, other people have stated that this post has inspired them to spend more time with their grandparents. Great job on Kelsey’s behalf for starting a small movement.

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