Her Son Made Her Cry Like She Never Cried Before!

This mom had no idea what’s going on when fire trucks began to swarm her home. Who was in trouble? She couldn’t see any flame from out on her home and then she saw what was truly going on. There was no risk of danger. That was her child Chris Adams. Chris had been sent in Afghanistan for ten months. When he discovered he was returning home early, he knew he needed to surprise his family and his girl. The former paramedic and firefighter appeared up at his home, but in the firefighter’s truck. It was unexpected surprise and his mom fell to her knees and started to cry. Police officers, firefighters, and the entire community offered him some assistance with planning the event, which kept him diverted and occupied while in Afghanistan.

“Tomorrow, he’s turning 22. The best day of my life was 22 years ago and the second is today, when he was back,” his mother said to WCVB News. As you may imagine, any mother who sees her child go off to war, regardless of the possibility that she respects his patriotism, bravery and selflessness, still can’t leave with no worries as she thinks if her kid will ever return home. Surely, that’s the second best day of her life!

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