Flight Attendant Delivers Hilarious Pre-Flight Instructions: No Whining!


photo: southwest.com

Have flight attendants become funny in recent years or am I just flying more? I’ve started flying more often in recent years and I can’t be the only one to notice that flight attendants have become somewhat hilarious. It might have something to do with the fact that I only ever fly SouthWest Airlines and they’ve adapted more of a casual vibe. I book with them simply because of their no-change fee policy. Basically, I can cancel a flight at the last second and maintain the credit for another flight. Have I ever done that? No, not yet, but there mere fact that it feels more noncommittal is comforting. Commitment issues? Maybe, but that’s a discussion for a longer article. My early memories of flying were more so intimidating than anything else. Everything was so formal, so rehearsed, so sterile and so robotic-All things that I can’t exactly relate to. Everyone who has ever flown understands this intense formality in someway. The warnings to arrive as early as 2 hours before your flight. (You may have seen this article from theonion.com poking fun at arriving early to the airport: http://www.theonion.com/article/dad-suggests-arriving-at-airport-14-hours-early-29662)  Then there are lines, and incredibly intimidating eye contact from TSA identification checkers. People are stressed, people are confused, people are rushing to consume the last of their liquids before security.

photo: cnn.com

photo: cnn.com

It’s all just a bit tense and slightly uncomfortable at times.Once you make it on the plane and into a seat there is that long mandatory presentation from the airline attendants. As I remember it in the past, it was very much the same every time. The verbiage, so scripted and so, so monotone. And really, you can’t blame anyone. It’s just the way things are. The concept of organizing hundreds of strangers to quickly, efficiently, and safely file into an aircraft at a predetermined time, to educated them on what to do and how to cooperate in the case of emergency, and to get them to understand the process of air travel, sounds exhausting to me. Well it seems airlines attendants are taking on the challenge of making the post-boarding, pre-take off flight instructions more enjoyable. At least on SouthWest flights I’ve begun to notice a trend in the pre-flight announcements actually being kind of funny. People who fly have heard the same information each and every time they have flown. For many, it’s not worth paying attention because you’ve already heard. Well flight attendants seem to have grasped the idea that monotony and repetition are actually not attention-grabbing. So, these attendants have taken it upon themselves to deliver that same, repetitious information, with a bit of flare. What’s so great is that people ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION! Bravo SouthWest, bravo.


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