Homemade HUMAN SLINGSHOT: Coolest Thing Ever

When the right people get bored… crazy, fun things happen.

These days, the internet is so vast and so readily available that entertainment is always right at our finger tips. Are we ever truly bored? Not often. Yeah, sure, we say were bored and then we sit around and fiddle with some electronic device and we instantly have limitless entertainment. Sure, it might not be the most fulfilling way to fill our time but there is always something to see and something to do. So what is it that breeds real, awesome, whole-hearted entertainment? It takes creativity. Truth is, it’s not always easy to find “good, old-fashioned” fun. I use the term “good, old fashioned” because it seems like fun used to take more effort. The more effort, the more value as well. We used to have to try to be entertained rather than it just being right there at our disposal at any given time of the day. So its become more rare that people put extensive effort into having a good time. It’s not that people are less fun, necessarily, its just that when such effort is not necessary, why exert it? THE HUMAN SLINGSHOT is why.

I’m creating my own backstory for a video I found online and only wish I’d been involved in.  If you’re familiar with Lifetime, the television channel, you know they like to create movies with overly-descriptive titles. Their titles include “The Bride He Bought Online” and “Too Young to be a Dad.” Hm, I wonder what those are about? Well I took a page out of the book, How-Lifetime-Titles-Movies and summed up the video I found.  The story is The Right People Were Bored and The Human Slingshot is Born.  Now I know nothing about these people, really, but they might be the coolest people I’ve (n)ever met. I imagine a group of them sitting around, unenthused about whatever their day had to offer, they’re bored, fiddling with cell phones and conversing about the nice weather. They toss around ideas of hiking, climbing, getting out to enjoy the outdoors, not much enthusiasm. Someone is playing with a toy slingshot and playfully slings a penny across the room. A joke is cracked about how it would be fun to be the penny. Another person’s eyes light up and responds, “So let’s be the penny.” The room falls silent for a long second, there are looks of inquisition, followed by smirks, and the execution begins.

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