Huge Wolf And Tiny Puppy Have Adorable Wrestling Match!

Many people think that wolves are cruel animals. Yet, we would like to believe that any wolf in the wild is just following their instincts, and there’s no “cruel” animal on the planet.

But what is your opinion about wolves? Are they wild, brutal or rude? And what about cute and kind? Regardless of how aggressive an animal could be, they’ve all got a warm, nurturing side to them to deal with the little ones. Even if that little one is not their own type.

Huge, strong and lean, Smokey the hybrid wolf opposes the stereotype to move around and play with baby German shepherd Charlie. Honestly, Smokey is a mix of a wolf and a malamute dog, but according to the user to put this video on YouTube, he’s more than seventy five percent wolf!

In any case, he’s much stronger than little Charlie, yet he realizes that babies need to build their strength and confidence to become enormous and strong like himself.

According to the video, Smokey and Charlie have recently met each other and they’ve already turned out to be best buddies. This little puppy is extremely confident about himself, and we won’t be surprised if he ends up on a police K-9 unit in a couple of year’s time!

As long as these owners watch out on playtime, and make sure to bring their amazing dogs into the cooler inside after they’re done, we can say that this is one of the cutest videos out there!

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