Indonesian Woman Gives Birth To Record-Breaking 19-Pound Baby!

On the island of Sumatra in Indonesia doctors were very surprised. In September 2009, a lady named Ani gave birth to an infant boy who wasn’t so “infant.” Actually he weighed almost 20 pounds at birth!

Believe it or not — Akbar (which means “the Great” in Arabic) — came into the world at 19.2 pounds and about 24 inches. This baby was Indonesia’s heaviest-ever newborn. Ani is diabetic, and the infant’s amazing weight was the consequence of excessive glucose amid her pregnancy. Her cesarean delivery lasted 40 minutes and wasn’t easy because of Akbar’s enormous weight and size. Ani’s other two children were also heavy at birth, but not like this one. One weighed 11.6 pounds and the other, 9.9 pounds at birth.

Thankfully, both of them were in good health after the delivery. Akbar had a big desire for food and practically nursed nonstop— a truth which wasn’t lost on father Muhammed. “Probably I can afford to feed the infant enough, since he needs more milk than other infants,” he said.

Here are the pictures from this enormous baby…

Firstly, it looks like a typical nursery of newborns…but look again.

In 2009, an Indonesian lady named Ani gave birth to one of the biggest infants ever. Infant Akbar weighted an astounding 19.2 pounds!

To compare, that’s almost the weight of a 1 year old kid…

Or like a Thanksgiving turkey!

Group of people wanted to see this extraordinary little boy. This mom was very proud because her baby was in good health.

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