Irish People Taste Thanksgiving Dinner for the First Time

Irish people might be the most entertaining on the planet. It’s not necessarily that they are decidedly humorous people. They just seem to have a bit of pep in their step and an untamed curiosity fueled by Guinness, hearty food and a positive disposition.

Two of my close friends in college were Irish. They had only one Halloween costume each year. They dressed as leprechauns, wore capes, and paraded the streets each with a box of lucky charms in hand. The next day, we’d find a definitive trail of smashed-into-the-carpet rainbow cereal leading to two very hungover ladies sipping on pg tea with cream.

They played up every Irish stereotype known to man with a sort of pride and satisfaction. Irish loud and proud. It was fun showing those Irish blokes a bit about american culture. They were always calling me, “so american.”

This video of Irish people trying Thanksgiving food is just adorable. For some reason, a different pronunciation of the word “oregano” just cracks me up. For no particular reason at all, it’s completely entertaining to watch these people taste this traditional United States meal for the first time.

There is nothing offensive, shocking or unexpected in this video. There is no story line, no climax, no antagonist or protagonist. There is no new trend like planking, the ice bucket challenge, or the mannequin challenge.  It is literally just a video of a few sets of Irish people eating Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. And for absolutely no reason at all, it’s entertaining until the very end. Of course, this is all coming from someone who is “so american.”  I genuinely wonder what the Irish think of videos like this. I wonder if in Ireland there are videos trending entitled, “Americans enjoy afternoon tea for the first time.” I’m left to wonder, enjoy.


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