Litter Of 10 Puppies Each Named For A Fallen Officer!

Tracey McMenamy is a puppy lover other and temporary parent for the rescue association Operation Paws for Homes. McMenamy is also the spouse of a cop who has been in the office for a long time. She truly loves her husband, but she does have one fear: that some day he may not return home. As indicated by ABC, this year 16 police officers have been murdered in the line of obligation.

“As a spuse, it’s alarming for me that we’ve lost that many cops,” said McMenamy.

And when her rescue dog gave a birth of 10 puppies she chose to accomplish something a smidgen extraordinary. She named every last one of them after a fallen cop. The main inconvenience was there were more fallen cops than puppies. In any case, what’s most critical is that her little gesture is helping the families of these cops heal. After her story was published, the puppy Leotta named after Officer Noah Leotta who was murdered by a drunk driver and was adopted by his family. The Officer Guidon’s close relative chose to adopt the puppy named after her niece. And Officer Colson’s family chose to adopt the puppy named after their child. We can just imagine that the other seven dogs will find homes just as adoring.

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