Meet The Walton Sisters, The Only Surviving All-Girl Sextuplets In The World!

When Janet was 16, specialists told her she was unbelievable to ever normally bear kids. When she grew up and married her spouse Graham, the couple from England desperately wanted to start a family. But, after 12 rounds of fertility treatment, Janet wish was without result.

They put themselves immediately on an adoption list and finally Janet and Graham got news that they were waited, perhaps for a couple of twins needing a family. Confronted with so much instability, Graham wasn’t certain he’d make an adequate father to have two children on the double! But he never thought he would become one of the most famous dads on the planet.

Janet and Graham chose to take some time off and think about the offer. When they returned home, their world was turned in mess.

Janet was not only pregnant, as well as the specialists dropped a big bomb…

The babies were born in on November 18, 1983, 31 weeks into Janet’s pregnancy; the all baby girls stood out as truly newsworthy and push the Walton family into the spotlight.

Here’s Hannah, Ruth, Luci, Kate, Jennie and Sarah in New York City, 2014 celebrating their 30th birthday. They’ve stayed best companions and keep on living a few miles separated.

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