Miracle Mom Comes Back To Life After Giving Birth To Baby Girl!

Each mother has her own childbirth story, but Erica had a very different story.

32 year old Erica Nigrelli, teacher in Missouri City, TX, was in the classroom at 36 weeks of pregnancy, when she started to feel pain and fall down. Kids in the classroom called for help and got her spouse Nathan, who was a teacher in the same school, to help her. Her heart had stopped, but once she was careen to the hospital where doctors delivered her infant three weeks early, she had already died.

Then, something incredible happened. This astonishing mom passed away, gave birth, and when specialists turned to her, her heart began pulsing again. They realized that Erica had un-detected heart problem. But at the end, she returned to life and rejoined her spouse Nathan and little Elayna. She believes that God was protecting her. She told that she remembers something “I remember being bounced up and seeing sunlight”.

The little girl was in the intensive care for two weeks. Now, she is healthy, growing and living every day to the fullest with her mother, who’s also doing the same.

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