Mom Delivers Baby As Giant Tornado Destroys The Hospital!

In 2013, an Oklahoma City lady named Shayla was in the process of giving birth at the Moore Medical Center — pretty much as city authorities declared a Level 1 tornado warning. Specialists gave her the choice to reschedule the birth, yet Shayla was almost five centimeters and was having contractions. The tornado warning kept on ascending until the clinic requested an evacuation on the upper levels, where Shayla’s spouse and 4 year old child were waited. Shayla was in the delivery ward on the second floor. Now at nine centimeters, the medical personnel did all that they could to buy themselves additional time.

When the tornado hit the doctor’s hospital, Shayla’s epidural had immobilized the lower half of her body. The floors began shaking and the roof began to crash – all while Shayla is in big labor! “My greatest fear is that Shayla is going to deliver amidst this bad dream and we’re going to lose her infant,” her medical nurse said.

Medical personnel rushed Shayla to the operating room because it didn’t have windows. Like a pack of superheroes, they crouched down over her bed and closed their eyes. They gripped their hands together and begged. It was a delirious, shocking moment and the medical personnel made it their mission to put Shayla and her infant first. At the same time, Shayla’s spouse feared the worst — that his wife was dead or they lost the infant. Indeed, even Shayla wasn’t certain if the medical personnel were still in the room with her as the tornado ripped through the operating room. But, they stayed there, observing her, the whole time. The situation was completely astonishing.

Watch this video to discover what happened next. In spite of the fact that it ends without much resolution, CBS News reports Shayla gave a birth to an infant boy named Braeden Immanuel, which signifies “God is with us.”

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