One Of The Oldest Wallets Was Found In A Theatre, And The Secret It Holds Will Blow Your Mind!

Before you buy some property, you should always investigate what happened to if before you showed up. Maybe that old building can say more than you’d think.

Sometimes you will hear a story about the amazing things in the house like priceless artwork or secret rooms, but not everything has to be so important.

And look what a lowa theater owner found out while he was renovating his business.

Today, it is a Talent Factory comedy club but it began as a movie theater in the 1920s. Firstly, he wondered what it would be like for people to see a movie, but later found something that led him to the answer.

He found a plastic wallet from 1944, making the wallet over 70 years old. Or to explain better, when he had lost it, the owner’s number was just “8”.

He was keen to find out whether the wallet’s owner was still alive. Before he bought the Talent Factory, he was a private investigator. He tracked down 85-year-old Clare Mclntosh, after he put his skills to use once again.

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