Park Worker Uses Skills Learned In CSI To Solve Murder??

For 28 years Carmen Moreno cleans up leaves and picks up garbage at the park, yet it wasn’t her occupation in the parks department that set her up for this. It was her most loved show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, that she trusts gave her the skill that left cops stunned. She solved a murder.

Moreno was cleaning up Maria Luisa Park in Seville, Spain, and found a pile of bloody tissues. The news had recently broken that police trusted a 28-year-old lady had overdosed on medications and died in the park. Police left the bloody tissues in the grass and considered nothing of it. In any case, Moreno considered something of it.

If it was a medication overdose, then why is so much blood? It didn’t make any sense. So Carmen carefully took the bloody tissues, made sure not to contaminate them simply like on television, and put away them safely.

Then the autopsy was finished. It wasn’t a medication overdose. The lady was violently sexually attacked. Moreno gave the proof to the police. The DNA on the tissues matched a regional suspect. Now the man is in jail and Moreno is a hero.

“You can learn lots of things from CSI,” Moreno said.

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