Pokemon Go Lands Terrible Parents In Jail

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These two awful excuses for parents recently left their 2 year old infant son so they could go play Pokemon Go. Brent Daley, 27, and Brianne Daley, 25, were arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and neglect, according to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Why were they arrested?

A 911 call went out to the police around 10:30 p.m. after a neighbor spotted a roaming toddler crying outside the home in San Tan Valley, Arizona. When police arrived they found the tiny child screaming and crying outside the home in 96-degree heat without any water.



As police identified the boy and discovered who the parents were, they tried calling the parents. When deputies finally reached Brent Daley they told him they  had found his son alone. Most parents would be hysterical and scared, instead Daley responded with one word: “Whatever,” and hung up the phone.

When the parents did return home they were promptly arrested.

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