Pregnant Bride’s Water Breaks… On Her Wedding Day!

This couple has had lots of things to celebrate. Shane and Deborah from Oregon planned to get married at the community courtroom. The couple was waiting their first baby, and Deborah was expecting to give a birth to their girl after a month of their wedding.

But sometimes life can surprise us and makes unexpected turns. On the wedding day, Deborah woke up at 4 a.m. and saw her water broke. It was very confusing situation. Shane and Deborah were sad about skipping their wedding but very happy about their new arrival.

When they went to the Salem Health Family Center in Salem, Oregon, they discovered that Deborah had not yet labors. They realized that Deborah was supposed to get married on that day. The nursing team didn’t want their wedding day to fail, and they asked Shane and Deborah if they wanted to continue their ceremony and get married. They needed to forget their previous plans and get married in the hospital room. They agreed.

Simply hold up until you see the way in which this nursing team managed the improvised ceremony. Watching Shane and Deborah giving their words from her hospital room was sufficient to bring tears to my eyes.


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