She Hadn’t Cut Her Hair in Decades. Post Makeover? She Looks Decades Younger!

The normal individual gets their hair cut on every 6 months. But this woman is Rachel Ray’s viewer and she hasn’t cut her hair in years. Her hair is about 3 feet long. So when the Rachel Ray styling group takes a hold of her… the hair is coming off. You want to see her new look? Believe us, you won’t be disappointed! She looks completely perfect, actually decades younger, and her hair is so enviable. Watch the video to see her complete change.

What’s the stylists’ trick? Huge amounts of layers. Layers keep hair full and healthy looking, and while they are very stylish, they also make for an easy to manage.

Between her new hair style and her new dress, Diane looks stunning! It’s awesome to see how glad and shining she is, and even better to see how she left the studio guests without words! That’s a very good sign.

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