She Has Days To Live, And She Made Us All Cry With Her Amazing Act!

This is a sad story that really touches your heart. Joey Feek has been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer, and her condition has worsened. Knowing she does not have time on her side, she has said her final goodbye to her family members, all except her two year old daughter Indiana. Joey was suffering too much pain and knew she won’t be around for long, but wanted to be there long enough to experience her daughter’s second birthday.

Joey and her daughter together.

Celebrating her last moments together with her daughter.

Enjoying every minute together.

Life is short, so short that we usually don’t have the means to grasp the reality of how short it really is. Rory Fleek has been a very supporting husband however times are tough for their family. Moments with family should be enjoyed to the fullest, because the gift of times should never be overlooked or underappreciated.

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