She Has Mashed Potatoes on Her Forehead. Wait Until You See What Happens When She Tries to Wipe Them Off! So Cute!

It is very cute to see babies making a mess with food. If you don’t have a cake to smash, you can try something else. So when this adorable small girl incidentally smashes some mashed potatoes on her brow, we’re clearly all going to soften with how charming it is. In any case, the cutest part is following! Not just because she made a mess, this girl is attempting to tidy it up… with a little difficulty. Watch her attempt to tidy up the mess she’s made with smashed potatoes.

She is simply having an excellent time to make sense of where those damn potatoes went to.

It’s so interesting how she’s looking straight up to the ceiling, similar as to see them that way! Then she quickly goes attempting to snatch her hair… then the totally wrong side of her brow… she’ll probably get there.

But just watch the video until the end when she says, “Hey!” And probably wants to say it’s harder than her dad thinks.

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