She Hoped To Find A Pearl When She Cracked Open This Clam, But Instead She Found THIS!

She had a hope that will find a pearl, but when she opened this clam shell, she found this

Everyone adores a good treasure hand. I’m very sure that if I was a pirate, I would fill my days running from one to another tropical island with a shovel, looking for the riches other pirates have left. Which would make me a terrible pirate, however a decent digger.

It’s always energizing to see somebody open something full of promise. The expectancy is simply delicious. That is the thing that makes birthdays and Christmas so fun, isn’t it?

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The attraction of riches lies within every shell and oyster in the sea.

All it takes is one microscopic irritant to make a perfect, lovely pearl.

Throughout the years, the shell will coat that little speck of dirt with the same stuff it uses to create its shell.

Obviously, not all pearls will be perfect for jewelry when they come out of the shell.

Since they come in such a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors, pearls range in quality from about $60 into the thousands.

You can only assume what must have been going through this woman’s brain when she got this enormous mollusk.

What did she discover inside?

After extensive work with a meat knife, she finally opens the shell.

Doesn’t look like much, isn’t that right?

She continuous pulling out the pearls — and that may be the harder task!

Both sides of the shell contain a bounty of pearls!

Simply think about the itch the shell must have suffered to produce that crop!

You can see the entire video here.

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