Silly Husky Won’t Get out of the Bathtub!

Did you ever tried to force your dog to get out of the bathtub? All things considered, this husky loves showers! While you may believe that presumably makes things for this pet owner a lot simpler (battling your pet at shower time is a big pain), you’ll be astounded to see she has to deal with a whole different set of issues with her husky… like the way that he won’t escape the tub. You need to see what she does when her dog won’t move! It’s very charming.

Zeus the husky is very popular on the web for his stubbornness. This is not his first resistant stand, nor is this his first defiant stand including the bathtub.

He really adores the water!

After attempting to take him out of the tub for quite a while, Zeus’ owner finally gives in and turns on the water, to his pleasure. It’s insufficient for a full shower, but rather it’s sufficient for some recreation in the water, which is sufficient for Zeus!

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