Silly Poodle Refused To Leave The Car, But His Owner Wasn’t Giving Up Easily!

Sometimes we would prefer not to get up from our comfortable setting and go about our day and continue with our usual habits.

Whether that pleasant setting is a bed full with extravagant pillows or the passenger side auto seat, sometimes we become lazy and prefer not to move.

In this hilarious, short video, this poodle doesn’t want to leave his proprietor’s auto. Settled delightfully in his seat, his proprietor tries her best for to come out in his own volition. But she fails with every shot.

This lady tries calling his name with the driver’s entryway opened. And when that fails, she goes on the other side but her poodle has exchanged seats.

I’m not certain what it is precisely about our little furry companions that we can’t avoid, however it may have something to do with those expressive faces. Everything from their interesting and unique identities to their charming traps makes them completely irresistible!

Practically like playing a round of a game of music chairs, this puppy beats her on each turn. Finally, after the third seat change, she finally picks him up to take him out of the auto.

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