Spooky Cryptids – Creatures that May or May Not Exist

File this into the paranormal category and call up agents Scully and Mulder for these. Cryptids are animals that are believed to exist, or to have existed at one time, and are usually just written off as legend and folklore. Some people believe that some of them really did exist, or they still exist today, they’re just too rare and elusive for most people to find.

Some of them are truly scary, and we should be glad they aren’t just wandering into our backyards like squirrels. They are the stuff of scary campfire and sleepover stories to keep your friends awake.

The Mothman


Source Unusual Kentucky

This scary creature was allegedly first spotted back in 1966 in West Virginia. A few decades, a book and a movie later, and there are plenty of legends surrounding the moth man and it’s prophecies. It was reported to be about 7 or 8 feet tall, with red eyes and black wings.

The Mongolian Death Worm

Source Scribol

The Mongolian Death Worm supposedly lives in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, and comes out after a good rain. It shoots deadly acid and can shock its victims from far away with an electric shock.



Source Listdose

Move over, Jaws. You were not the scariest thing to ever terrorize the ocean, and there’s actual scientific evidence of its existence. A huge tooth was found, which looked like the tooth of a great white, only much much bigger. Luckily, they no longer exist.

Yacumama or Megaconda

<br />
Image: Unknown<br />

Source Scribol

These are giant snakes supposedly in the Amazon, which grow to be over 160 feet long, and can easily snack on a human in one swift gulp. There is no real evidence of their existence, but as long as they stay down in the Amazon, we can sleep at night.

The Dover Demon

Source Animal Planet

This creature is described as looking a lot like an alien, with a big head, rough skin and bulging eyes. Its feet and hands are almost like suction cups, which it uses to climb with. It was reportedly seen on 3 different occasions in Massachusetts.

The Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil artwork

Source CSI

The Jersey Devil looks like a smattering of different animals, with the head of a goat, wings of a bat, clawed hands and a kangaroo’s body. In 1909, there was widespread panic from New Jersey to Pennsylvania of a monster roaming the countryside. The story goes that it was the 13th child of a witch and the devil.

The Flatwoods Monster

Source UFO Evidence

This is also speculated to be an alien, because it was spotted close to a UFO sighting in West Virginia in 1952. It was reported as being 10 feet tall, wearing dark clothing and what appears to be an ace of spades shaped collar behind its head. It’s face also had a reddish glow.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Source Animal Planet 

The sightings for this one started in 1988, with the most recent in 2008. This swamp is in Lee County, South Carolina. The Lizard Man has red eyes, is around 7 feet tall and can rip the roof off of a car. You should definitely try to avoid driving to this area.

The Pope Lick Monster


Source Listverse

This creepy deformed goat/man hybrid lives under a train trestle and has a white face, black fur and horns like a goat. It’s been reported to lure people to their deaths from getting hit by a train or jumping onto cars that pass under the trestle. It’s also said that it carries an ax to slash its victims.

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