Stranger Things Shows How To Make Old Ideas New Again

If you’re above ground and have any kind of social taste, you have seen your friends talking about the best original television show that has hit screens in years. The show is a Netflix original called Stranger Things and it takes place in the late 1980’s, which the producers, the Duffer Brothers, nail with perfection.

The clothes, the vibe and especially the music set the tone for the era where kids came from broken homes and were called latch-key kids. I guess it strikes a chord with me because i felt like I was watching a home movie of me and my dumb friends from 1986.


What isn’t a mystery is why the show is such a success. With the 80’s kids now in the middle of their own full blown mid-life crisis and looming mortality, we are all longing for a taste of what our good-ol-days used to be like. This show couldn’t be a better mix of our favorite 80’s movies, sort of like The Goonies meets Alien. Check out the video below to see a few of the nods Stranger Things gives to our old favorites.

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